Mission Statement

Welcome to the sound and the message of The Chapeleers.  We appreciate your taking an interest in hearing the Good News of God’s saving grace through our music.

These ten selections you now have were carefully selected to walk you through the rich tapestry of our ministry through music. Carved from mixture of old and venerable  hymns as well as newer contemporary Gospel sound, each track on this CD has our own signature, elements that give each one that unique Chapeleers feel. Of particular note is our signature song, “He’s There Inside of Me”. This song is a recent addition to the group’s repertoire; rhythm guitarist Jimmie Morgan composed the music to this piece, and a special Chapeleer friend, Joyce Cross, authored the moving lyrics. Listen carefully to the works in this song. It simply tells the story that whatever is preying on your mind, whoever has hardened your heart, whatever hand life has dealt, God is always right there close by. All that is required is to open the door when He knocks, and let Him in.

As you amble along life’s tricky pathway, we pray that these songs and hymns will be a very special blessing to uplift your spirit. Paul charged us to “lead a quiet and peaceable life in all Godliness and honesty”. We trust you will use this CD in your daily walk with God, until one day we will all break bread together At Jesus’ Feet.

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